About Us


Experience Matters

Addressing today's risk challenges benefits from operational experience in developing solutions that address the needs within all levels of an organization. As a  former  Chief Privacy Officer with 25+ years of experience working in regulated industries,  I've learned the power of collaboration between risk and the lines of business.  20+ years of experience working with Executive Management and Audit Committee/Board of Director expectations  in a public company on governance, risk and compliance. 


Approach Matters

Not every organization needs the same approach to address their privacy, risk,  or vendor management obligations. Tailoring the assessment and action plan approach based on size of company, industry sector, or type of product/service offering optimizes resources to achieve results. Readiness engagements can create  roadmaps for governance models. We offer the combination of management consulting, risk assesments, training/education, and thought leadership to deliver solution options.


The Power of Collaboration

Flexibilty is key to optimizing solutions for complicated business challenges.  Working together to customize or design the consulting approach that works for each client, makes a difference.  From formal projects to small engagements we can define the approach that works. Each consulting engagement is defined based on the power of collaboration.  

Certifications: FIP, CIPM, CIPP, CTPRP, CTPRA